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About Us

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To provide the best retail experience through the most efficient and user-friendly end-to-end solution
The new payment solution that enables customers to swiftly pay their bills through their mobile phones in just a few clicks
To be at the core of every retail business’ customer experience

How does it work?

Find out how our web application works

Step 1 - Scan the QR code and access the menu
With any smartphone and without the need to register, customers can scan the QR code on their table to instantly access the menu.
Step 2 - Check the bill and pay in seconds
With the same QR code, customers can review their bill, split it as they wish, leave a tip and pay in seconds with their preferred payment method (Apple Pay, Google Pay or by entering their credit card).
Step 3 - Receive the bill in your email and rate the restaurant
Once the payment is complete, customers can download their ticket or generate an invoice, as well as rate the service received by the restaurant.

Why WallEat?

Learn more about the advantages for your restaurant!

Average Ticket
Increase in Tips
minutes saved per table

How do we integrate with your restaurant?

WallEat is not a POS, but a payment solution that integrates with your POS and, therefore, is complementary. If you are a restaurant thinking of implementing a solution like WallEat, we suggest that you contact us so that we can answer all your questions regarding the operation, advantages and implementation.

Below, we list and briefly describe the steps to follow if you decide to implement WallEat in your restaurant.

1 - Definition and signing of the contract
Once your doubts have been solved, we will define a customized contract. Our contracts are characterized by being straightforward and without restraints. Once the agreement has been signed, we will ask for certain legally required information necessary for the operation.
2 - Integration with your POS
Our operations team will link our system with your POS and carry out the relevant tests to confirm that everything is working correctly. In addition, you will be given access to your customer portal, where you will be able to access all your data.
3 - QRs and Menu Design
Choose the QR that best suits your business or, if you prefer, we can choose it for you. You can also create your digital menu with us or upload the one you already have.
4 - Ready to go
Start benefiting from the advantages of working with WallEat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover our FAQ's

What is WallEat?
WallEat is a solution designed to meet the needs of both restaurants and other groups within the hospitality sector, as well as end users of their services, allowing the payment process to be as fast and efficient as possible.
How does it work?
WallEat currently works through a Webapp fully integrated with the restaurant's PoS, allowing the user to see the restaurant's menu, divide the bill as desired, pay and leave a tip if he wishes to and receive the bill on his/hers mobile in a convenient and simple way and in record time. To use WallEat you must follow the following steps: 1. Scan the WallEat QR that is assigned to your table. 2. If you wish, browse the restaurant's menu and, when you are ready, call the waiter and make your order. 3. When you want to pay, just go to the "PAY & GO" section and follow the steps. You can pay the total bill, split it equally, pay per item consumed or pay a custom amount of your choice, we will always remind you how much is left to pay so that there are no misunderstandings. 4. Once you have selected the amount, choose your method of payment and, if you wish, leave a tip for the restaurant. 5. Leave a rating for the restaurant and WallEat if you feel like it. 6. You can receive the invoice in your email or send it through other platforms.
Do consumers need to be registered or logged in to use WallEat?
NO, consumers can use WallEat whether they are registered or not. Our mission is to make payment in restaurants a quick and easy process for consumers.
Is WallEat a POS?
No, WallEat is not a POS but a complementary payment solution that integrates with your POS. Moreover, it is important to mention that you will not have to modify anything of your current structure to be able to use WallEat.
What if I already have a QR with a digital menu?
No problem, we will provide you with new QRs (at our expense) customised to your liking that will contain the link to your current menu and from which customers will be able to view your menu and pay.
How long does it take to install WallEat?
If you use a POS with which we are already integrated, the process of sending information, installation and delivery of QRs will take on average one week. If we are not yet working with your POS, don't worry, we are integrating with more every month and yours will arrive soon, please contact us so that we can give it priority.
Are there any installation or permanence costs?
No. WallEat has no installation costs or permanence period, so you can unsubscribe at any time at no cost. Moreover, you only pay when it is used.
How do I know that a customer has paid?
Once a table has been paid for, it is automatically closed at your POS, so it is easy to check if a table has been paid for.
What if a table wants to pay partly with WallEat and partly in cash?
No problem. WallEat coexists with dataphone and cash, so you can enter more than one payment method at the POS.
What payment methods are available?
WallEat accepts different payment methods depending on the country. You will see the payment methods available in your country when making a payment with WallEat. Generally, we accept payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay and credit or debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
Can consumers see the bill and request an invoice?
Yes, WallEat allows the customer to view the bill in real time and, at the end of the payment process, we will give them the option to receive the bill and/or invoice via email or send it through other platforms. Also, if the user is registered with WallEat he will have access to all his previous invoices.